Poetry Advent Calendar

FREE mobile app! FREE Poetry!

Poetsunplugged.com aims to bring poetry to every doorstep. That’s why we have developed the Poetry Advent Calendar mobile app. This application plays each December day one Christmas poem. For this we display a Christmas tree with 24 ornaments. Each ornament has a number from 1-24. The user gets to search for the ornament number that corresponds with the actual date. So, December 6th we pick the ornament number 6 and December 14th we get to search for the ornament number 14. The ornament numbers are generated by the app and changing their positions on the Christmas tree. So, once the ornament number 6 is displayed on the upper half of the tree, then in the middle and then again in the lower half of the tree. This makes the search for the correct ornament number each day more exciting. While we display the tree and the ornaments is a unique Christmas carol playing. And when the user selects the correct ornament number does the app play and display a Christmas poem. The free app is developed nicely and its design is unique. The poems are written by diverse poets of the 21st century such as Sophia Behal, and Denis Moritz, Aldo Quaglioti, Froog Corps, and Carie Magness Radna. It is also snowing in this free mobile app called Poetry Advent Calendar. If this Poetry Advent Calendar app is not getting you into the Christmas mood, then nothing, and no one is. The free app is available for Android and iPhones.

Poetry Advent Calendar app download for iPhone

Poetry Advent Calendar App download for Android

Have look at how cute the Poetry Advent Calendar app looks and download it for free in your app store.

We hope you will enjoy this very cute and unique Poetry Advent Calendar every December day. Please share the app with your friends and family. This app is fun to use for young and old users. So, install it to your kids phones (the app is 100% kids safe) and install it also to your grand mom and – paps phone. They will surely love this app.


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