My Effrontery by Aldo Quagliotti Co-Author of Poetry Advent Calendar available at google play or apple app store


my name is Aldo Quagliotti, and I’m an an italian poet based in London.

In 2019 I published my first collection of poems, Japanese Tosa, published  by London Poetry Books. The anthology  debuted on October 2019 at the Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall and has then been promoted throughout the London open mic nights such as Flo vortex, Paper Tiger, Poetical Word. This October I’ve published my second Poetry collection, Confessions Of A Pregnant Man (AlienBuddha Press).

My poems have also been published in italian anthologies, such as Il suono del silenzio 2008 and 2008, and Brazilian magazine (Revista Torquato). Nationally, my work has been included in English anthologies such as Reach 253, Murmurations, Cannon Poet Quarterly, Poetry In The Time Of Coronavirus, The voices Project, The Writers Club, Fleas on the dog, The Materialist , The Essential anthology, Word Doodles, Ponsersavant, The Raconteur Preview, The Orange Blush zine, Lion and Lilac, Unheard Poetry, Poetic Unity, and Literary Magazine. Recently, I have been selected as one the poets representing the Poetry Corner as part of the Kesington+ Chelsea Art Week in London (1-11 October).