Call for submission THE CREATIVITY WEBZINE


Dear Readers and Authors,

The Creativity Webzine, the monthly multicreative and theme based journal, has been online now for six and a half years with our 128th issue coming up at the end of February. Authors, poets, writers, painters, photographers can this month submit poems, haikus, sonnets, articles, stories, art, photography of any kind in the theme FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Any fictional character will do, if Superman, Indiana Jones, Hamlet, Harry Potter, whatever comes to your mind. They can be the main part of the story, article or poem, or just a side character. The fictional character can be an inspiration to the hero or just a part of the story. Main thing is that the fictional character is a part of the piece. The issue will be published on February 28th, so have your work in by February 26th.

Good luck and have fun creating.