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This is She Was Just Walking Home by Fin Hall PoetsUnplugged.com

This is She Was Just Walking Home by Fin Hall
  1. This is She Was Just Walking Home by Fin Hall
  2. Richard Harries on Writers Block
  3. Live Poet Special K
  4. Live Poet Sarah Belum-Mental
  5. WHY are woman afraid? by Catalina George

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www.Poetsunplugged.com is a poetry podcast for poetry fans. It is a unique listening experience to young and old, yes even to writers and poets. We share mostly poems written by poets of the 21st century, also book-info, and spoken word, etc., Do YOU WANT TO SHARE YOUR POETRY? !!! Pls. narrate your poem or record a book- or author showcase. Listen to the poetry podcast PoetsUnplugged for FREE and without commercials!
In order to be featured in one of our episodes read our submission guidelines further down on this webpage.
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Our Motto: Talk the truth like a Poet at youth.


The Poetry Advent Calendar mobile app

We don’t just stream our podcast episodes, we create tools and fun stuff for poetry fans and the writing community. We aim to bring poetry to every doorstep. Last year we created the Poetry Advent Calendar mobile app for download to your phone. This app plays a Christmas poem every December day. Thus you can count down the days till Christmas Eve.

Dear Poetry-Lover, please feel free to download and use our Poetry Advent Calendar mobile app available for Android and IPhone. You can find it in the Google Playstore or Apple Store for download. It is FREE!!

This application counts the December days from the 01.12 until Christmas Eve. Count the December days from the first till the 24th and unlock a Christmas Poem to read and listen to each and every December day.

Poetry Advent Calendar mobile app DOWNLOAD for iPHONE

Poetry Advent Calendar mobile app DOWNLOAD for Android Phone

Please be advised the December day Christmas poems will be unlocked on it’s corresponding day number in the month December each year. So, i.e. the poem for December the 3rd will be unlocked on December the third each year.


as audiobook available

as audiobook available

Spoken Label Interview


Poetsunplugged.com is a poetry podcast featuring poets of the 21st century and writers. We share audio about books, spoken word, poems etc. DO YOU WANT TO SHARE YOUR POETRY with our listeners from every corner of this world? Please narrate your poem or record a book or author- showcase of max. 45 minutes length. 

 Please submit the following:

1. recording. mp3 (audio) or an .mp4 (video)- attach file 

2. artwork.jpg – attach file

Please name artwork .jpg and recording.mp3/mp4 the title of your poem or showcase. So we will have two files with the same name. Please this is very important. You will send 2 files named the same title.mp3 and title.jpg. Thank you.

Please post your Poet- or Author bio and text of the poem into the email body. 

Please send only two attachments. Bio and words of poem shall be posted into the email body. 

Please do not attach .docx documents as we can not open them. 

SUBMIT to:  poetsunplugged@usa.com

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For all other inquiries email us please to poetsunplugged@usa.com.